January 14, 2008 - Forbes Magazine Ranks UNC Most Valuable Hoops Program


Earlier this month, Forbes Magazine published its first rankings of the estimated value of college basketball programs. The criteria? Forbes based its valuations on what the basketball programs contribute to four important beneficiaries: their university (money generated by basketball that goes to the institution for academic purposes, including scholarship payments for basketball players); athletic department (the net profit generated by the basketball program retained by the department); conference (the distribution of tournament revenue); and local communities (incremental spending by visitors to the county during the regular season that's attributable to the program). UNC basketball's worth was $26 million.

Duke and N.C. State also ranked near the top. For the full story and top 20 list, click here.


This is delicious. You know the dookies are freaking out that their northeastern establishment rag has turned on them this way. A mere public institution ranked ahead of them in value?? But, our campus looks just like Princeton, doesn't that add value too?? Egads, I say.

The Wolfpack may slip a little bit this year...

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