January 25, 2008 - Look At What Duke Is Getting Up To


We have some concerns about how hard Duke is playing, and we plan to elaborate, but on that exact point, sometimes a picture says it all. Take a gander at what they're getting up to at Duke, and then consider this -- the Duke people are so proud of the way their boys play together, they actually feature this kind of shot on the front of GoDuke.com.

We bet you'll agree, it sure must suck to lose to guys who celebrate like this.

As first shot across the bow, we offer our Poet Laureate Benjamin Pryor's thoughts on Duke's emerging threat. More to follow:

We need to fear the gap-toothed Irish-Catholic-reform-school/Attila attack of the Duke machine, the Aryan-fisted brutal might that makes an auditorium throb with menace, and especially the Dookian ability to make a mutant team execute under almost any threat (3-ball after 3-ball), the abused Rottweiler toughness and desperate measures required by Herr K. The good guys will need every ounce of John Henry, Pecos Bill, and Bunyan to root this mountain down.


any chance you could unedit this and give the fullbody shot. clearly this isn't a family site, why not?

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