February 01, 2008 - Bring Back the Blue Team!


One of the criticisms and concerns we've had about this year's model of Tar Heels is that they've looked sluggish and disengaged at times, despite kicking ass in most of their games. And we've suggested that our weak defense, especially help D, might be a product of the team simply having a finite amount of energy at this stage of the season. If they're going to run constantly, at some point they're going to find time to rest. Either physically or mentally, or both. And as a consequence, the D suffers.

Possible cure? Last night's use of a 5-for-5 substitution against Boston College. Think about it -- regular use of a Blue Team would serve a number of purposes, not least of which would be disorienting and disheartening our opponents. We've sure as hell got the horses to pull it off for stretches, despite claims that we aren't all that deep. And when guys like Copeland and even QT come in, they play their asses off, especially on D (okay, their skills might be limited on this point, but enthusiasm and determination count -- they sure seem to inspire the starters when those guys return to the game).

Bring it on, Roy. Twice a game make the wholesale changeover. Might be the last piece of our puzzle. And it's as much fun to watch as any other aspect of the game.