February 20, 2008 - Dahm Triplets Critique The "Roy v. K" Flap


Editor's Note: Last night our man Doyle caught up with the famous Dahm Triplets (the triplets have been in Daytona for the big race and advertising their three woman show "The Famous Dahm Triplets"). Not only do the ladies write their own stage shows and design their own costumes, turns out they are rabid hoops fans and fine essayists to boot. Here's what they told Doyle, who asks that we send them his love and his apologies, whatever that means:

Roy Williams is a straight shooting son-of-a-gun. He likes Coke. He probably wears slippers around the house. He doesn’t drink scotch or go to wine parties with his psychiatrists. He is the salt. We know firsthand, we partied with him at a Hooters opening once where we did a PA (personal appearance). He’s good people.

So when we hear that Roy has taken exception to the underhanded, sneaky, passive-aggressive quip leveled at the Tar Heels by Coach K after their loss at Wake Forest on Sunday, we have to stand up for our coach. We have to call a whiner a whiner, and a sniveler a sniveler.

Coach K, you are a sniveling whiner.

There’s a feeling out there in the college basketball world that Coach K is a master manipulator and strategist. That every utterance or coaching decision is a tactical, well thought out chess move. Bullshit. He’s just a petty bully with a penchant for needling folks. If you ever hear some of the amazing stories about the way he’s treated former players, current players and coaches, you’d be inclined to agree. We don’t have to relate them here, just do a little digging, or contact Doyle Hargraves. Did you know he only sleeps 3 hours a night, spending most of the dark hours working on his forthcoming treatise on Duke Basketball and the decline of American sportsmanship, and empire? It's a challenging, fascinating topic.

Anyhow, the fact is, the Tar Heels have played 5 games without their engine. They’ve gutted out tough wins with a freakin’ MASH unit on the floor. To accuse Roy of ‘putting it out there’ in front of the media insults everybody’s intelligence. Does K think that he is messing with the mind of an 18-year old? Does he think he can get into Roy’s mind this way? No. He just found himself in an unguarded moment and the sniveler inside was let out of its cave. It’s happened many, many times before.

And if he thinks this is gonna help his team’s chances in Cameron on March 8, and in the ACC tourney, he is more delusional than we thought. Payback is, in a word we normally hate to use because of our liberated agenda, a bitch.