February 06, 2008 - GAME DAY: IN QT WE TRUST


There is reason to feel queasy about tonight's game. Ty Lawson's ankle may keep him out of the game, and if so, the Tar Heels simply cannot expect to run their offense as they'd like to. In fact, the expected quickness advantage goes to Duke, at least in terms of running the break off of defensive pressure. Suddenly finding ourselves the underdogs, we here at CHG will abstain from making predictions, especially just a few days removed from the recent unexpectedness of the Super Bowl.

Should you be worried and need firing up, or worry about the Heels' own level of fire, try this article from the Fayetteville Observer, in which Ty Hansbrough appears to be nursing a grudge with Duke and Coach K, typically, shows his ass.

Speaking of which, in this piece from IC, Coach K expresses doubt about the extend of Lawson's injury (he has a habit of doubting our players can actually be hurt, doesn't he?).

And lastly, here's what Roy has to say about the state of Lawson's ankle. May it improve mightily during the course of the afternoon... we'll finish by quoting Hansbrough and we'll keep our fingers crossed:

“You know how fast [Lawson] is and what he brings to the court. But also, I think that ‘Q’ is going to step up big for us.”