February 14, 2008 - In Praise of Q

If God isnt a Tar Heel, then why did he give us Quentin Marguerite Thomas?! Hes recently been seen dicing ds like a mohel on the eighth day, baby! The kid from O-town with a penchant for donning airbrushed self-portraiture has begun creating his own, fresh masterpiece over the past four games and Im here to tell you that its a work of art.

In this his senior season, when weve needed him most, Q has come through. Its reminiscent of past Heels who were considered works-in-progress or never-lived-up-to-their-billing disappointments in the eyes of (shit)Heel basketball fans, but who came through during their final seasons to stiffen the backbone and vastly improve the lot of their teams. Guys like Madden, Hunter, Phelps, Colescott, and Noel.

Who wouldnt gush over Qs heart and effort at this point? Or his poise and his handle? Bambis brother has cut down on the frantic episodes that had too often marred his play. Over the last four starts (FSU essentially a start for him) Q has an assist-to-turnover ratio that would make Chris Corchianni pissy with envy. Hes brushing against 2:1, which aint too shabby. But more than that, its his leadership that has made the biggest difference. Outside of Tyler Hansbrough, Q has been the biggest reason for these last two gutsy wins.

Hansbrough made it clear how he felt about Qs onions after the Clemson comeback victory when he said: I think there was a period where some people were down, but I think some guys picked some people up, especially Quentin. He came in there, and he really got after us, and I think he picked up the whole team.

More gushing for Q from the hardest-working-Heel, He said to us We can't be playing like this, especially the way we did in the first half. And I think he lifted us all.

Amen, uplifting indeed.