February 12, 2008 - VIRGINIA PRE-GAME: Our Three Predictions

Desmond Watson.jpg Desmond: If Ty Lawson doesn't play, Carolina wins tonight 85-77 in a game that is much closer than the final outcome. Singletary goes off and scores 30+ against our hapless guards. Tyler Hansbrough struggles through an uncharacteriscally bad game (he is exhausted), but Skinny Deon finally gets his shooting touch and scores 16 points. Look for him to be our saving grace.
Doyle Hargraves.jpg Doyle: Desmond, you mountainfuck of ignorance! Regardless of whether Singleton goes off against our hapless guards, as you call them, the key to this game is in the paint. I'd expect Tyler to get 46 if he wasn't coming off a Herculean effort just 48 hours ago. But as it is, he'll only drop 33 or so. Even without Lawson, the Heels should win in a cakewalk. How easily we forget about Deon Thompson's stronger play of late. To paraphrase Pitino: Wally Walker ain't walking through that door. Mark Ivarone ain't walking through that door. Hell, even Tom Sheehey ain't walking through that door. Heels win in a romp, 92-68.
One-Eye'd Dick.JPG One-Eye'd Dick: There's a big game in Charlottesville tonight, and that reminds me of something: how great does Coach K have those Dukies playing, baby?! I mean, you really have to hand it to him to take this rag-tag group of kids who are still learning the ropes and get them to perform at such a high level considering their modest backgrounds! I can't say enough about them even though I never stop! Ever, baby! Now that I've got my voice back, and I thank god every day for it, I am not going to waste a minute -- I raise my voice to the sky and shout for the world to hear! I really do! Watch out for those Duke Blue Devils from Durham, North Carolina my friends!