February 12, 2008 - Why is Roy Calling Out Ty Lawson?

roy crouch.jpg

Maybe we're reading too much into a few of the quotes we've read from Roy Williams since Ty Lawson's ankle injury, but he seems to be calling out his player in a way doesn't quite read simply as easy-going, aw-shucks goofing around. Asked when Lawson would return, on Monday Williams said, "I don't know that there is a timetable. I think we've just got to wait until he starts feeling better with it. The kid's not been hurt very often and kids that haven't been hurt think that sometimes things have to be perfect before they come back. That could be part of Tywon's deal. But at the same time it still hurts. We're just going to have to wait until it stops hurting."

He's clearly saying he's not sure if Ty is giving him the straight scoop, or rather, that Ty himself knows what it is. Fair enough, perhaps. But Williams does have a habit of questioning his guys, to say nothing of ripping his players in the press after poor performances. Particularly for their defensive efforts. Or foibles, as the case may be.

This is no great sin, but it sure is different than what Roy's mentor Dean ever did, and sometimes it makes us scratch our heads here at the main office. Most of us, anyhow. Doyle Hargraves paces around the office pulling his hair and and reminds us that, as he understands it, Roy has lost teams late in the year when this strategy backfires on an exhausted group. We'll see what happens. But boy do we miss Mr. Lawson.